Last week in Review: The Internet Broke Multiple Times

If you looking for real news this is not the place. So lets get to it.

1. Kim K grace the cover of Paper magazine and people lost their minds. Is it real or fake booty. All I can say she look good and haters gonna hate.
2. Rhoa premiered and honey Apollo spilled the tea on Phadrea. Apparently he was just the pretty trophy husband.
3. Aaliyah movie premiered and lord they should have made a movie of the internet reaction to it.
4. On Wendy all she said about it was it got ratings and everyone has opinion.
5. Taylor vs a hella lot of people continue. Either your Team Taylor or Team Spofity or Team Katy. So much Bad Blood. Most people are Team Who cares.
7. Shonda continues to rule Thursday night television.

xoxo lovers ūüėČ


Real Talk Being an Indie Kid is Hard Especially When Your Black( I am Who I am)

All my life I’ve been called an Oreo( and my black card ( has always been on probation. But I’ve grown to accept that I am who I am and I’m not changing for anyone. It wasn’t til college I realize that Indie culture was something I identify with and deeply adore. So every since I was younger I love to read all sort of things, fiction, historical fiction, comic books and later manga; I would say 90% of the time my head was in a book. My accent is made of proper American English, California speech, bit valley girl/preppy/ and some kinda east coast thing (I get it from my mom). I have always been sarcastic and watch films that probably way to old for me but hey it is what it is. So you can imagine how the other kids would be like “this girl is weird and not one of us”. My only saving grace was that I did like Britney Spears and a good amount of Hip Hop (90’s hip hop is still my shit ok) so I just kept my love of alternative rock and grunge to myself.

When I got to middle school I was more allowed to express myself through clothes which often called out by all ethnic groups as being “not black”. This often distress me because I was black and may not like all things black but I shouldn’t be ridicule for it. As I got older it became less of heartache or proving myself to other people accept that fact that I have a diverse group of friends, that thrifting shopping is my hobby(thanks mom for getting started) and that my ideas might be strange or abnormal but there mine. What I love most about Indie culture is how chill back and accepting they are. There is limited judgement as long as you are a 100% true to yourself. Its not easily define group and there’s no constraint on what Indie is or what is not.


Real Talk: 5 Simple Ways To have Better Relationships

  1. Self Awareness- ¬†Knowing yourself especially your shortcomings and make a conscious effort to do better. I’m selfish maybe I should try to be less selfish.
  2. Respect-  To show the person that you respect them as equal in the relationship. And that to give respect earns respect. Nobody is better than you and you are not better than anyone else.
  3. Communication- The ability to express yourself clearly to make your point come across. But also to be able to sit and listen to the other person point of view.
  4. Maturity- Not to turn stupid drama into a high school drama. To be able to let things go and not keep bullshit going.
  5. Be the Friend/Whatever you want to have.

Real HouseWives of Atlanta Reunion: A Game Of Shade

I always say when I go into a battle theres two important things you must know

  1. Your Opponent
  2. What Game You’re Playing

Most of all these women have been played by Miss Kenya Moore(chick that knows how to get under your skin and play with your mind) but none of them is stupid enough to lay a hand on top that pretty weave. Porsche was throwing shade ¬†at the beginning but fell into the honey trap. There are two types of chicks the one who hits back or the one who gets the law involved. A girl goes for instant gratification of hitting a chick while a grown ass women plays the game out maneuvering you, get the law on her side, and destroy your life. ¬†Porsche when you get to be over the age of thirty ,as Madea would say the light bulb comes on, you change up your mind set of handling a bitch. You play her game and do it better than she can. Phaedra read Kenya like a book about her foolery(yet she can’t pick up what stupidity her man be saying). I’ve been saying this all season Porsche, needs to figure out her life before she be swinging from shower rods and having a sex tape in her forties to say she is relevant!! Porsche needs to APOLOGIZE to Cynthia, she didn’t need to rip her dress and expose her boob.

Real Talk: Femininity- Traditional, Modern, OR Both ?

Recently Actress Kirsten Dunst made some comments about roles of women that spark some controversy among feminist. So it got me think about the whole thing about what is the correct way to be a woman. Is it the traditional woman or the modern career driven women? Or is there a way to be both?

When I was younger I use to think it was easy to be a housewife and that it was kind of boring. Well that quickly changed after a graduate college. I a graduate in December and I needed time to clear my head before jumping into work so I struck a bargain with my rents, I would be their housewife and they would let me live at home until I go to graduate school. And let me tell you its hard as hell!!!! Cleaning a two story house, writing bills, scheduling appointments, planning and cooking a meal and taking care of the dog takes so much energy. Then throw in working out and writing a blog and doing that day in and day out. I commend stay at home moms.On the flip side I know that being career women is hard too. ¬†Always on the go, juggling schedules and project, and so much. ¬†To me each path has it benefits and downfalls. But you should be able to choose what works for you as a woman. Many feminist sometimes go a little hard on a woman who wants to be more”traditional” in her gender role. But is the basic line of feminist theory is a woman has a right to choose her own path and life. And should we as women shouldn’t we support one another. Can a modern girl have traditional values, embrace their femininity, somehow have some gender fluidity , and want a career and family(I want it all y’all)? Or I’m kray kray cause thats just not possible? Only time will tell but remember just cause someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them less than a person.

Putting Yourself First Is not a Bad Thing

Taking time for yourself is not always a bad thing. Sometimes checking in with yourself can be beneficial for all. I mean after a little me time I’m definitely less likely to want to rip you a new one. So when I say on my Facebook status its a me day don’t even think about picking up the phone to tell me about your drama because I will reign hell fire upon you.

Real Talk: Bossy Does It Really Need to Be Banned?

Bossy is word that some of us heard growing up. Usually when we took charge of the situation and was being stern. Sure people hated when the bossy chick barked orders but didn’t you get an A on the particular group project. I always took it as a compliment because I whether be a bossy chick than a pushover. ¬†Being ¬†called Bossy has never killed my ambition or stop me from pursuing leadership roles. ¬†I bought this idea of banning the word to some of my female friends and they were pretty much done with the world at the point. ¬†Maybe the word affects a caucasian woman differently than an ethnic woman. I mean most ethnic women I know embrace the word Bossy even the word Bitch as a badge of honor. Context is key flip it to a positive. But banning a word doesn’t change the root of the problem it just puts a bandage over a temporary scar. Teach girls that they are more than just a word and build up their confidence and character.